Gas Safe Accredited All our trusted engineers are Gas Safe accredited

Gas Safe Accredited

All our trusted engineers are Gas Safe accredited

Transparent & Affordable We place quality and value at the heart6 of what we do

We're a Family Business

We care about our customers & the local community

We're a Family Business We care about our customers & the local community

Transparent & Affordable

We place quality and value at the heart of what we do

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Boiler Servicing / Boiler Maintenance

At RD Heat, all of our engineers are accredited by the Gas Safety Register, the regulatory body for companies working in the gas industry. This means we are a professionally qualified boiler service that can prevent boiler breakdowns and spot issues with your central heating system via a home survey. This keeps your boiler running efficiently and safely and is a requirement for most warranties to remain valid. RD Heat has received 4.9/5 stars on Google Reviews and 10/10 on Checkatrade thanks to our quality services at affordable prices.

If your boiler requires annual servicing or maintenance to make sure it is heating your home efficiently, call us at 01202 287 581 for a free quote today.

5-Star Boiler Servicing & Boiler Maintenance

Qualified boiler maintenance services recommend that you get your gas boiler serviced once a year. Getting an annual boiler service:

  • A boiler that is regularly serviced and maintained can identify faults, wear and tear in the central heating system to prevent the risk of carbon monoxide
  • Regular boiler maintenance and servicing can optimise the boiler’s central heating efficiency to produce hot water and help lower energy bills – energy costs can be reduced by £840 annually with an efficient boiler
  • Having your boiler serviced at least once a year can extend the life of your central heating system to that of a new A-grade gas boiler, which is between 10 to 15 years, which will also save households on having to consistently save on repairs
  • Servicing a boiler will prevent the warranty of your central heating system becoming void, which could leave you liable for any repair costs

How It Works

Get your FREE quote and arrange for one of our engineers to survey your home and current system if required.

Consult with our experts to choose the right product for your Ringwood home heating needs.

Our team will carry out the work at a time convenient to you and have your new system running in no time.

Boiler Service & Maintenance Near Dorset and New Forest

Taking proper care of your boiler will help keep your heating costs low as the energy tariff increases in April 2023, and save you from any unexpected payouts in the future should anything go wrong with your central heating system.

It is recommended that you schedule an annual boiler maintenance service at least once a year with an engineer qualified with the Gas Safe Register to ensure that your gas boiler remains in great working condition. At RD Heat, all of our Gas Safe certified technicians work throughout East Dorset and New Forest, including Ringwood, Christchurch, Fordingbridge, Wimborne, Ferndown, Verwood, Poole, and Bournemouth.

RD Heat believes in transparency with no hidden fees when providing affordable services throughout Dorset and New Forest.

Get Your Free Quote For Our Boiler Services In Dorset Today

Contact the team at RD Heat today for a free and no-obligation quote via email, phone call or fill out our form. Our annual boiler service is highly acclaimed throughout Dorset and its surrounding areas for its professional and thorough customer service, which is why we have a 10/10 rating on Checkatrader and 5/5 stars on Facebook Reviews. As part of our process for servicing your boiler, one of our heating engineers will survey your home and discuss your current heating system to help give you the most accurate and transparent quote possible.

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Dorset Boiler Servicing FAQs

RD Heat is proud to serve the local Dorset community and ensure that the highest quality standards will be met on each of our boiler installations, boiler repairs, power flushes and other services.

  •  It is recommended that your boiler should be serviced at least once a year, which will save you and your home from central heating issues like increased energy bills, carbon monoxide risks and regular system breakdowns. By detecting these risks earlier, the warranty for your boiler will remain valid. 
  • A boiler service takes on average between 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the condition of your central heating system and its accessibility as well as any issues discovered during the service. At RD Heat, our Gas Safety registered technicians are able to perform boiler service or maintenance efficiently and professionally for your convenience.
  • A boiler that is not regularly serviced can become dangerous. Tears and faults can lead to carbon monoxide leaks or explosions. Regular servicing and maintenance will optimise the efficiency and longevity of your boiler so that you can heat your home and its appliances for longer while saving on energy bills – you could save £840 on your heating annually with an efficient boiler.
  • A Gas Safe engineer has been accredited by the regulatory body for the gas industry, the Gas Safe Registry. All of our engineers are Gas Safe certified, giving you complete peace of mind. This means you can relax with the knowledge that your boiler is being operated by technicians trained at an industry standard.

RD Heat is a local and family-run business that works throughout the East Dorset and New Forest area including: Ringwood, Christchurch, Fordingbridge, Wimborne, Ferndown, Verwood, Poole & Bournemouth.