Gas Safety Certificates

A Gas Safe report is a certificate which can only be completed by Gas Safe registered engineers. The certificate details the condition and safety of all the internal gas supply work, gas appliances, flues and safety devices installed in a domestic property.

If you are a landlord, business owner or allow public and or employees use the facilities of a building that contains a gas installation, the HSE requires you by law to ensure the electrical installation is fit for purpose and has been inspected by a registered competent person. Most mortgage companies and solicitors require the gas installation in a property to be inspected by a purchase or sale can complete. If you've had a survey completed on the property you are buying or selling then it is likely the surveyor has recommended the gas and electrical installations to be inspected before the sale completes.

What if my test fails?
If your gas inspection fails then there could be several different outcomes depending on the reason for failure. We may need to issue a warning notice, turn off the appliance or cap the supply. Don't worry, if your test fails we will provide free advice and quotations for the remedial actions required.

How do you check the appliances?
Gas Safe inspections check all aspects of the gas installation throughout the property including any supply pipework aft of the meter, condition of flues, functionality of safety devices, burn rates and combustion seals. Common reasons for failures are - Gas leaks on pipework or joints, loose or corroded flues, emergency shut off devices not functioning properly and failed combustion seals passing deadly gasses into habitable rooms.