General terms and conditions for RD Heat

Within these terms and conditions RD Heat is the trading name of registered company Ross Davies Heating (10960056).
RD Heat will be referred to as the company and the person ordering the product, the customer.



When you place an order through our website and RD Heat accepts your order, a contract will be created between you (the customer) and RD Heat. That contract will be subject to these terms.

By making this order, you confirm that you are either the owner of the property mentioned in the order or that the owner (eg. landlord) has granted permission.

The Company is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (registration number A8716371) and treats all information supplied by customers as confidential. The information passed on will be the minimum to fulfil the obligations set out in this contract.

The Company is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority and may introduce you to third party finance providers if this is your preferred option of payment. The Company is not a Lender but a Finance Broker.



All communications between the company and the customer will be through phone and/or email. The email address and telephone number provided by the customer in the ordering process will be used for contact.

When the order is made by the customer with the company through the website, the company will send an email to the customer with an order acknowledgement, this will state:

  • Details of the products the customer has agreed to purchase
  • The total cost.

The next email will contain:

  • Delivery arrangements.
  • Installation date.


3. Delivery of goods

The company will work hard to make sure that the delivery of products is at the agreed time and subject to clear communication in advance. Aside from this, the customer must accept that delivery problems can happen sometimes, and this is not a reason for automatic cancellation.

As the customer you must notify the company of any restrictions in your local area which could have an effect on goods being delivered. Examples include, steep stair climbs, stairs longer than 20 steps, parking restrictions or carrying distances of more than 30 metres.

The customer will agree to have somebody present at the property at the scheduled time when the goods will be delivered.

The customer takes responsibility for keeping equipment and products dry and secure after delivery. The customer will be liable for any costs or losses incurred by themselves and the company as a result of equipment being damaged or lost.

We will make every effort to ensure that the agreed installation and delivery times at met. Even so, the company reserves the right to delay installation for a number of reasons, for example, strikes, illness, fires, severe weather conditions, terrorism, war and other issues beyond the control of the company. Time will not be determined to be the essence of the contract.

With regards to abnormal boiler flues, if the length of the flue required to install a boiler is more than 3m, the company reserves the right to pass on the costs associated with the extra flue parts to the customer. This will be discussed in detail before any installation begins. We do not supply any boilers which work with twin flue options, if the customer’s current boiler has two flue pipes (eg. one for exhaust and another for air intake) then the customer shall notify the company of this in advance to discuss the options. If the existing boiler is in the centre of the house and the flue exits through the wall, please contact the company prior to placing an order as we would deem this to be an abnormal flue.


4. Installation

On the day of the installation, we will bring all of the specified materials with us and works will start between 8am-9am Monday to Friday. Saturday installations are available at a £75 increased cost.

We will drain the existing system where necessary and any redundant materials will be disconnected and taken away from the site and recycled where possible. We will use dust sheets to protect your furnishings. A Chemical clean of the system will be carried out after the new boiler has been fitted.

We will install the new boiler onto the wall, connect the pipes, install the condensing trap to the nearest drain or soakaway. The engineer will discuss this process with you on the day.

If needed, we will cut through and seal the fanned flue terminal to the outside wall. We will take care to minimise disturbance of brickwork and other parts of the property. A suitable flue guard can be fitted as well as protection for soffits or eaves where necessary.

When the work is complete, we will fill the system and make sure that corrosion proofer is installed. Our engineers will test and adjust the controls of the boiler and leave the system in proper working order. We’ll make sure that you are happy and satisfied with the work and that you understand the controls. We’ll also complete any necessary safety assessments.

If brickwork repairs are needed, we will do our best to match the existing bricks as closely as we can. However, if an exact match of bricks is required, we would advise that the customer supplies these themselves. We will also state that matching texture, colour and appearance of bricks and mortar is not always possible due to weathering and older products not being available. The customer accepts that differences in the appearance of new bricks is to be expected.

If necessary, we can remove the cold water storage tank, cylinder and feed and expansion tank. Be aware that if we find that the existing cold tank contains asbestos cement, we will drain the tank and only remove it if the loft access size allows the tank to be removed in one piece. If this cannot be done, our engineers will use plastic sheets to seal the tank and it will stay inside the loft subject to water bye-laws in the local area.

If the system is being converted from conventional to combination, we will connect to the existing supplies as needed and switch the cold water down onto the cold mains.

We will complete a mains chemical flush of your heating system. This involves using a chemical agent to break down dirt and debris and then flushing out contaminated water using pressure. We do not include power flushes as standard on all of our orders.

We will carry out all the wiring of the boiler, controls and pump to the current BS 7671 safety standards.

The tanks and pipework will be insulated in accordance with their specification. However we cannot accept liability for any damage caused as a result of extreme weather.

Our engineers will register the boiler controls and any accessories warranty with the product manufacturer. The details of any warranties will be stated on your order.

We will notify your local council building control and ask for a confirmation to be sent to your property detailing the gas appliance installation.

For every installation we will provide a copy of the CP1 gas safety record.

Our engineer will take photographs of the equipment installed for our records. The engineer might also attend the site with other people such as apprentices, trainees, supervisors or managers.

The cardboard boxes containing the new boiler, flue etc will be discarded in the household recycling.


5. Cancellation

The Customer may cancel or reschedule the Job at any time before the Agreed Date. The following shall apply to cancellation or rescheduling:.

If the Customer cancels the Job more than 10 calendar days before the Agreed Date, RD Heat shall issue a full refund of all sums paid, including the Deposit.

Refunds processed by the Company will be done so within 3 working days and proof of refund sent.

If the Customer reschedules the Job less than 10 calendar days before the Agreed Date RD Heat shall retain all sums paid, including the Deposit and shall deduct all such sums from any related balance payable on the rescheduled Job.

RD Heat may cancel the Job at any time before the Agreed Date and shall refund all sums paid, including the Deposit.

RD Heat reserves the right at its sole discretion to accept or refuse an order placed until an appointed Engineer has inspected the site and accepted the order. This may be by means of a physical inspections and or, photos or video call.


6. Warranty

Most of the significantly valuable items we supply will be supported with manufacturer backed parts along with a labour warranty. This is to prove they have been maintained and inspected on an annual basis. For instance, a gas boiler must be serviced each year by a Gas Safe registered engineer. The cost of inspection and servicing which takes place after installation will not be included in this contract price unless explicitly ordered in the purchasing process.

It is the customer’s responsibility to organise and keep records of service for the equipment which they must produce to the company or manufacturer when requested if they are making a claim under the warranty. Once the installation has been completed, the company will register the equipment warranty with the manufacturer and send you an email containing the relevant information. In order to avoid doubt, the warranty will be supplied by the equipment manufacturer and not us.

Any auxiliary equipment which is supplied, eg radiators and thermostats, will usually have a 12 months parts and labour warranty. Other components and equipment such as water softeners will have individual warranties. This will differ depending on their specific manufacturers. The company will supply details of the various warranties when requested.

Any work will be done by a qualified person with reasonable care and skill. The installation of joints, pipes and seals have a one year warranty including parts and labour.

Guarantees will be made null and void if payments are not made when due and the conditions stated above are not met. Additionally, neither the manufacturer of parts or our company will be liable to the customer, either under this contract or otherwise where failure, fault or problem occurs due to;

Failure of the customer or any third parties in the operation, inspection, servicing or care of the equipment which is not done in accordance with instructions from the manufacturer. It is the customer’s responsibility to keep accurate and full service records for all equipment and products, any warranty will be void without these records.

Deliberate vandalism or damage.

Any damage which occurs as a result of circumstances out of the control of the company or the manufacturer or the equipment.

Variations in the flow rate of water may occur following an installation of equipment. This can not be forseen, nor is the Company or Manufacturer liable.

Replacement of bulbs, filaments or lamps are excluded from the warranty. Timers, lockout devices, thermostats and other devices connected to the equipment are also excluded from the warranty after the expiry of the individual items warranty period which has been detailed by the product manufacturer.

The customer must notify the manufacturer if they wish to make a warranty claim against any equipment or components as soon as possible when you become aware of faults or malfunctions. The contact details will be provided in the instruction manual for more assistance.

The warranty detailed above is applied specifically to the equipment and products that are installed under this contract. Any of the existing controls, radiators, towel rails, drails, pipes, timers or other equipment are excluded from any of the warranties provided.

Any engineers provided by the company, and the company itself are not under any obligation to complete visual inspections or tests of the existing equipment, aside from if it is part of their regulatory duties. The risk of the existing system failing when the new equipment has been installed is the responsibility of the customer themselves. If the customer would like the reduce the risk of this, they may organise a suitable inspection of the existing system at their own expense before the new equipment is installed.

If the company is asked by the customer to re-attend and no faults are found, or the issue is in relation to something that is not the company’s responsibility, the company will then reserve the right to make an appropriate charge in order to cover the cost of this visit.


7. Payments and Finance

If paying by credit or debit card, the payment of cleared funds from the customer to the Company is required prior to delivery and/or installation of goods.

If the customer instigates an attempt to clawback payments (for example requesting a credit card chargeback) then the Company can pass on any costs and/or losses associated with dealing with and defending such action.

If opting to pay by Finance, RD Heat will introduce you to Finance providers e.g. Shawbrook Bank / Ideal4Finance. This will be a finance agreement between you (the customer) and the Finance Provider.

If a Credit Agreement is entered in to via one of our nominated Finance providers, the terms of the agreement will form part of this contract.

If the credit agreement is later cancelled, then subject to the terms of the 1974 Consumer Credit Act, the contract balance will become immediately payable. This does not affect your statutory rights.

RD Heat is registered with the FCA as an Introducer under registration number 930187.